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Are you ready for the unexpected?

Like most of us probably not. Most of us don’t think about emergencies until it’s too late - after the power goes off - after you’ve been told the roads will be closed for three days, and so it goes. And emergencies come when you least expect them - tornadoes give little or no warning. Neither does an earthquake. You’ll get some advance warning about a hurricane, snow storm and floods, but will you have time to get the supplies you need to survive throughout the emergency?

To be prepared for unexpected things that can happen, think about the kinds of potential disasters that might arise in your area - floods, snowstorms, earthquakes, tornadoes, and the like. Then consider the size of your family, the health and age of each member, and the climate in which you live. If there’s a possibility that you might leave your home, you will want to have an emergency survival kit prepared that can be taken along quickly.

In emergencies, water is the most important item in survival. Food, heat, lighting, a radio, First Aid and personal needs are your next priorities.

Disasters happen every day in some part of the world; usually without warning. Often, the worse part is not the disaster itself, but the aftermath - cleaning up and putting lives back in order. Your family’s survival may depend largely on your ability to adapt and cope with an emergency, and the plans you have made (if any). Giving some thought to advance preparation is just common sense.

Are you ready?

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Sam Andy has been an industry leader in low moisture foods for more than three decades. During that time, we have been responsible for much of the nutritional research that forms the basis of the recommended food reserve units now being sold worldwide. We've built our reputation on the high nutritional value, low bulk, and easy preparation of our low moisture foods. And throughout the years, our foods have been relied upon by sportsmen, outdoorsmen, people living in remote areas, churches, schools, corporations, not-for-profit organizations, governments of foreign lands, and U.S. troops during the Gulf War.

It's simple, really. We have perfected taste and quality in low moisture foods. And that's why we're America's leading supplier. We'd like to thank you for your interest in Food Banking and invite you to learn more about it in the pages that follow.

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The Survival Folks at Sam Andy

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