30-Gallon Water Storage Drum

Lightweight, rust-proof, plastic drum that looks like a steel drum to store your life-saving water.

#001     $69.95

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5-Gal Water-Pak
Hideaway spigot,  Great for games or camping
Rugged, hi-impact polyethylene, guaranteed not to leak or
break under normal use.
#006    $16.99

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Collapsible 5-Gal Water-Pak
Fold-A-Carrier is leakproof, has onoff spigot, large neck for ice cubes.   Heavy plastic stays flexible, even in extreme cold..
Fold-A-Carrier  #5000-03    $7.99

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Potable Aqua
Perfect for short-term water purification needs
Kills giardia, makes almost all drinking water bacteriologically safe.   One tablet purifies 1 quart to 1 liter of water.  Three year shelf life.   50 tablets.  Weight 1.5 oz.
#644    $4.99

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Arloxy-100 Universal Disinfectant
Ion-Oxygen Drops Purify Water, Kill Bacteria, Prevent Infection
Just a few drops kills giardia and infectious bacteria, removes chlorine.   Non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, safe and easy to use.  2 fl. oz. bottle with dropper will treat hundreds of quarts of water, neutralize insect stings, reduce risk of infection on cuts and scrapes.  A first aid kit in a bottle.
#XXX       2 oz. bottle    $14.99
Case of 12 bottles        $179.00

Emergency Drinking Water
Drinking Water in Your Kits OR Wherever You Go
Frozen water pouches can be used as First Aid cold Packs or to sterilize wounds.  Handy 4 oz. size - drink 4 to 8 per day during an emergency situation.   Posi-sealed bag.  Keeps for approximately five years depending on storage conditions.
Case Lots only, 64/case     #D200    $19.99

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Aqua-Blox Pure Drinking Water
Refreshing taste, clear, no calories, no chlorine
Each sealed foil box contains 8.45 oz. of purified drinking water. 
Sterile, also great for first-aid.
Case of 27 Aqua-Blox     #C71-SP-T100    $19.99

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Official Trail Canteen
Heavy duty aluminum body.  Screw on cap with security chain.   Cotton cover, adjustable shoulder strap.  Holds a quart.
#C10     $6.99

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Camper's Shower
Perfect when water isn't plentiful!
Shower outdoors - or in an emergency situation.

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Hot water from the sun.   Five gallon capacity, sufficient for four hot showers.  Includes on/off control, hose and shower head.  Sturdy handle for hanging and carrying.  Folds up for compact storage.
#298     $9.99